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The Secrets to Guitar Greatness

January 10th, 2011 · No Comments · Guitar Styles

When someone talks about guitar Greatness, what do they really mean? Do they mean the ability to play any song instantly after hearing it, having incredible technique or being a superb composer?

The real answer is none of these, because people seem to think that having the ‘abilities’ I talk about above instantly makes them a great guitar player. The real secret to ‘guitar Greatness’ is attitude while you are playing, having your own signature style and putting that, your personal guitar style, into everything you play, even covers.

I was recently watching a video of the late Stevie Ray Vaughn. He was playing a cover of the Jimmi Hendrix classic ‘Voodoo Child’. Even though Stevie could have just played the song the exact same way that Jimi Hendrix played it, he made it different by adding his own signature guitar style into the song.

How did he do that? By just letting it come to him. If you haven’t been playing guitar for a long period of time you may find this hard to grasp onto, but when you have really achieved ‘guitar Greatness’, you should be able to sit down with any musician, start jamming and pour your emotions out through your playing.

That’s exactly what Stevie Ray Vaughn did, and that is why he was and is so famous and called a legend.
People think that the guitar is an instrument that anyone can master, but it takes someone with a mixture of determination, musical sense, perseverance and roughness. If you don’t have those qualities the good news is that you can create them. You create these by simply playing your guitar as much as possible, creating your own sound while also learning the styles of the greats that played before you.

One more crucial aspect of achieving ‘guitar Greatness’ is having respect for any style, you don’t have to like it, but you have to respect anything that is played on the guitar, no matter if it is Flamenco, Rock, Jazz, Blues, Metal whatever. The secret is that you do not have to have incredible technique to master the guitar, Hendrix didn’t, but he made up for it with attitude!

Good luck finding your own signature guitar style.

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