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Stock Trading System – Automatic Stock Trading System

September 8th, 2011 · No Comments · Stock Market Scams

A profitable automatic stock trading system is everything for a stock trader. It is time-tested and fool-proof trading systems that will continuously making money for you no matter how the stock market is doing.

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Isn’t that amazing?

If you managed to design one, you can sell this valuable system or use it your own for living. Can you imagine how much money you will be making by just following that profitable automatic stock trading? Enough for the rest of your life!

You must be so eager to know how to develop that system by now; which is good already, but how to develop that money making and cash-pulling stock trading system?

Unfortunately, it needs a lot of work and effort. After all, this is not another get-rich-quick scam anyway. Having said that, you can start by:

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1) Gathering Market Data

In stock trading, anything related to stock market are critical variables. Therefore, you must start collecting all historical data for the market trend as well as the stock performance. These include information such as PER, EPS, ROE, CPI, interest rate etc.

2) Develop Market Theory

Study all the data gathered before and start to connect some or all of the variables with the stock performance. Along the way, you might want to introduce some assumptions with justification to close the information unavailability since nothing can pinpoint why stock market behave the way it behaves.

3) Test The Theory Hundreds/Thousands Times

Once you had discovered the market correlation, test the theory by buying and selling the stock accordingly. Since trading with actual stock can be suicide at this point of time, you can start by playing stock trading game that use the real market data.

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