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Penny Stock Trading ? The 8 Rules of Day Trading

August 25th, 2011 · No Comments · Learn Stock Trading

The rules of penny stock trading are simple: up, down or sideways. But the question is which one and what time? Therefore, having a set of trading rules and stick to them will save you from most of the common mistakes.

Below are the 8 rules of penny stock trading you have to master:

1. Have a definite trading plan

The foundation for your profit starts before you make a buy or a sell. Spend time to find a method that suite your trading style.

2. Do not let coincidences fool you around

The small details are often what distinguish the gains from the losses.

3. Stay flexible

There are hundreds of penny stocks to trade. Don’t fall in love with a stock.

4. Strict money management rules

Take care of your hard earned money. Nobody has right all the time. Even professional traders might make disastrous mistakes. The rule is to minimize your losses when you are in the wrong position. Many “geniuses” has lost all their trading capital by just one mistake. Most of them have never returned after a big loss.

5. Set exit rules

Stop-loss is the road to victory, and will save you from defeat. It’s a security ventilation to protect your money.

6. Learn from your own mistakes

You might learn more from your mistakes than from your gains. If you learn from your mistake, then it will no longer be a loss in the future.

7. Have passion

Only those with passion can become a master. If you trade with strong desire to earn lots of money, you will hardly be successful. You must have an interest and passion in what you do deal with.

8. Be patience

Training, pain and hard work ? these are the three pillars of learning. There are no shortcuts in the stock market. So be prepared for several years training and hard work before you become a master.


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