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Green Day Fret Over Trump, Charlottesville in ‘Troubled Times’ Video

August 15th, 2017 · Guitar

Green Day unveiled a stark and fraught new video for “Troubled Times” off their last album, Revolution Radio.

The clip opens with singer Billie Joe Armstrong wearing headphones and singing the track while ostensibly recording himself on a phone. That intimate image is soon surrounded by a rapidly shifting montage of chaos and strife including scenes of domestic violence, car crashes, workers in sweat shops, fleeing refugees, war zones and environmental decay. 

The “Troubled Times” clip even includes footage of President Trump’s speech to police officers where he seemed to condone brutality, as well as shots of the recent violent clashes between white supremacists and protestors in Charlottesville, Virginia

In January, Green Day shared a lyric video for “Troubled Times,” which used footage from protests and moments of resistance with images of a grotesque Trump-like figure wearing a “Make America Great Again” hat and spouting hate-filled messages.

Green Day released Revolution Radio last year. The politically charged LP marked the group’s first since their 2012 trilogy, ¡Uno! ¡Dos! ¡Tré! The band is in the middle of a North American tour that will wrap September 16th at the Rose Bowl in Los Angeles. 

Article source: http://www.rollingstone.com/music/news/green-day-fret-over-trump-charlottesville-in-troubled-times-video-w497939

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Elvis Presley Impersonators Reflect on His Legacy 40 Years After His Death

August 15th, 2017 · Guitar

Elvis Presley‘s August 16th, 1977, death still has reverberations that span generations and nationalities. Every year, impersonators gather to celebrate The King and reminisce about his far-reaching influence in both music and pop culture at large.

This year, impersonators and fans traveled to Manila to commemorate the 40th anniversary of his death via the Elvis Presley Friendship Club, Philippines International.

“He crossed over black music roots to, you know, to all nationalities,” Ramon Jacinto, a TV host and founder of Philippine rock ‘n’ roll radio station DZRJ, told The Associated Press. “Even the Beatles were influenced by Elvis. Everybody was influenced. He was the real example of an out-of-the-box showman. And he wiggled, he had a different style of singing from the time of Frank Sinatra. … He opened the door to carefree rock ‘n’ roll and the attitude.”

The Elvis Presley Friendship Club is just one of over 400 official fan clubs around the world that are paying tribute to the late icon – his greatest, most ubiquitous hits include “All Shook Up,” “Jailhouse Rock,” “Blue Suede Shoes,” “Heartbreak Hotel,” “Don’t Be Cruel,” and “Hound Dog” – on the 40th anniversary of his death.

Filipina Anjeanette Japor, a singer, told the AP that Presley’s influence is still palpably evident in many of today’s biggest artists.

“In the music industry, the songs of Elvis remain a classic,” she said. “Like Bruno Mars, he has a lot of rock ‘n’ roll songs. Most of them originated from the legends, one of which is Elvis. So I think his songs still have a great impact to the music we have nowadays. There are a lot of songs actually that were sung by Elvis that are being covered right now. And that gives a modern twist to the song. So because of that, Elvis continues to live with the music.”

According to Forbes, Presley and current pop superstar Ed Sheeran are currently neck-and-neck on the U.K. Official Albums Chart Update this week; Presley’s The 50 Greatest Hits is currently in the lead (above Sheeran’s Divide) for Friday’s No.1 spot.

Each year, more than 600,000 people flock to Presley’s home in Graceland, Memphis, Tennessee, to take photos and leave mementos at his gravesite in honor of the singer. Tens of thousands of fans are expected to make their way to a Tuesday night candlelight vigil at the legend’s estate, according to local station LocalMemphis.com.

Prior to the vigil, people will visit the wall outside of Graceland to leave their signatures in tribute.

Article source: http://www.rollingstone.com/music/news/elvis-presley-impersonators-reflect-on-legacy-40-years-later-w497881

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Watch At the Drive-In’s Unnerving, Stop-Motion ‘Call Broken Arrow’ Video

August 15th, 2017 · Guitar

At the Drive-In mine technology-driven paranoia and dread in their new “Call Broken Arrow” video. Director Rob Shaw weaves stop-motion animation throughout the clip – a prequel to his visual for “Hostage Stamps,” from the band’s recent fourth LP, in•ter a•li•a.

“Call Broken Arrow” follows the same disheveled prisoner and disturbing, faceless captors previously seen in “Hostage Stamps,” with a cameo from street-swarming robot spiders. The new clip explores how the protagonist wound up in prison, though its shadowy shots of car-wiring, poisoning, surveillance photos and flaming corpses follow more of a dream logic than literal narrative.

“In ‘Hostage Stamps,’ we have a prisoner being tortured and monitored by some sort of authoritarian organization. The guys wanted to show why he was imprisoned, as well as cast doubt over his innocence,” Shaw said of the clip in a statement. 

“It’s funny how in stories, especially film stories, you tend to sympathize with whoever you spend time with. When you watch someone being mistreated, the assumption is that person is the victim. ‘Call Broken Arrow’ is in part about illustrating the prisoner’s culpability, but even that is in doubt as we see the Watcher character who follows him around slipping something in his drink at the end.”

At the Drive-In are currently touring behind in•ter a•li•a, with intermittent dates booked throughout late November. The quintet will perform at Chicago’s Riot Fest on September 16th. 

Article source: http://www.rollingstone.com/music/news/watch-at-the-drive-ins-unnerving-call-broken-arrow-video-w497650

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Jury Sides With Taylor Swift in Groping Trial, Orders DJ to Pay $1

August 15th, 2017 · Guitar

The jury in the Taylor Swift assault trial ruled in favor of the singer and her mother Monday, rejecting a radio DJ’s claims that they unjustly had him fired from his job after allegedly groping the singer during a 2013 backstage meet-and-greet.

In addition to siding against David Mueller’s $3 million lawsuit – or $250,000, as his lawyer compromised during closing arguments – the jury also ruled in favor of Swift’s assault and battery countersuit, forcing Mueller to pay Swift a symbolic $1, CNN reports.

Following Swift’s victory, the singer pledged to make donations to “multiple organizations that help sexual assault victims defend themselves.”

Swift said in a statement, “I want to thank Judge William J. Martinez and the jury for their careful consideration, my attorneys Doug Baldridge, Danielle Foley, Jay Schaudies and Katie Wright for fighting for me and anyone who feels silenced by a sexual assault, and especially anyone who offered their support throughout this four-year ordeal and two-year long trial process.”

The singer added, “I acknowledge the privilege that I benefit from in life, in society and in my ability to shoulder the enormous cost of defending myself in a trial like this. My hope is to help those whose voices should also be heard. Therefore, I will be making donations in the near future to multiple organizations that help sexual assault victims defend themselves.”

“I’m disappointed for Mr. Mueller, but respect the jury’s decision,” Mueller’s lawyer, Gabe McFarland, tells Rolling Stone.  

While Swift was dismissed from Mueller’s lawsuit on Friday after the judge found the DJ’s legal team failed to prove Swift had anything to do with his firing, Mueller’s lawsuit against the singer’s mother Andrea Swift and radio promotions director Frank Bell continued, with closing arguments read Monday.

After a four-hour deliberation, the jury found that Swift provided enough evidence to prove that Mueller “grabbed my ass underneath my skirt,” as she testified in court.

Swift previously said her $1 countersuit was “an example to other women who may resist publicly reliving similar outrageous and humiliating act.”

As Swift’s lawyer Doug Baldridge said during closing arguments, ”By returning a verdict on Ms. Swift’s counterclaim for a single symbolic dollar, the value of which is immeasurable to all women in this situation…You will tell every woman…that no means no.”

Article source: http://www.rollingstone.com/music/news/jury-sides-with-taylor-swift-in-groping-trial-w497780

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Wilco Release New Song ‘All Lives, You Say?’ to Benefit SPLC

August 15th, 2017 · Guitar

Wilco have released a new song titled “All Lives, You Say?” Monday night to help raise money for the Southern Poverty Law Center.

Fans can download the track for $1 at Wilco’s Bandcamp page, with proceeds going to the SPLC in the memory of Jeff Tweedy’s father Robert L. Tweedy, who died on August 4th.

“My dad was named after a Civil War general, and he voted for Barack Obama twice. He used to say ‘If you know better, you can do better.’ America – we know better,” Tweedy said in a statement. “We can do better.”

The track, which arrives three days after the white supremacist rally in Charlottesville, Virginia, is a country-tinged, tongue-in-cheek response to the “All Lives Matter” response to the Black Lives Matter movement.

“All lives, all lives, you say? / I can see you are afraid / Your skin so thin / Your heart has escaped,” Tweedy sings on the track. “All lives, all lives, you say?”

“All Lives, You Say?” is Wilco’s first new song since their LP Schmilco arrived in September 2016.

A new Wilco song called “All Lives, You Say?” is available for immediate download with a charitable contribution via @bandcamp [link in profile]. Proceeds will go to the Southern Poverty Law Center, in the memory of Jeff Tweedy’s father, Robert L. Tweedy (1933-2017). “My dad was named after a Civil War general, and he voted for Barack Obama twice. He used to say ‘If you know better, you can do better.’ America – we know better. We can do better.” – Jeff Tweedy

A post shared by wilco (@wilco) on Aug 14, 2017 at 4:15pm PDT

Article source: http://www.rollingstone.com/music/news/wilco-release-new-song-all-lives-you-say-to-benefit-splc-w497786

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Gregg Allman Tribute Events Planned Around Final LP, ‘Southern Blood’

August 14th, 2017 · Guitar

Gregg Allman‘s family, associates and musical collaborators will honor the late Allman Brothers Band singer with a trio of live celebrations timed around the September 8th release of his final live LP, Southern Blood. The events, which Rounder Records dubbed “Southern Blood: Celebrating Gregg Allman,” will be staged in three of the rock legend’s favorite U.S. cities: Los Angeles, Nashville and the Allman Brothers’ adopted hometown, Macon, Georgia.

The L.A. event will be held September 7th at the Grammy Museum’s Clive Davis Theater. Allman’s son, singer-songwriter Devon Allman; longtime friend and manager Michael Lehman, Gregg Allman Band guitarist/musical director Scott Sharrard, Southern Blood producer Don Was and Grammy Museum executive director Scott Goldman will honor Allman onstage with music and stories. Public ticket sales begin Thursday, August 17th at noon.

On September 9th, Macon Mayor Robert Reichert will declare Allman’s birthday, December 8th, to be “Gregg Allman Day.” The musician will posthumously receive a key to the city at a commemorative celebration held at the Allman Brothers Band Museum at the Big House, the iconic residence where the band lived during their classic run of 1970 to 1973. On that same evening, the Big House will host an event featuring Devon Allman, Lehman, Sharrard; Allman’s closest friend, Chank Middleton; and The Bitter Southerner Editor-in-Chief, Chuck Reece.

The final event will take place during the 18th annual Americanafest: The Americana Music Festival Conference, scheduled for September 15th at the Country Music Hall of Fame and Museum’s Ford Theater in Nashville. Devon Allman and Leahman will perform alongside Buddy Miller, Joan Osborne, Pony Bradshaw and John Paul White.

Rounder previewed Southern Blood last week with new song “My Only True Friend,” on which Allman reflects on death and touring life.

In an expansive feature on the posthumous album, producer Don Was said Allman’s final material isn’t focused on death. “Gregg was explaining his life and making sense of it,” he said, “both for the fans who stood with him for decades, and for himself.”

Article source: http://www.rollingstone.com/music/news/gregg-allman-tribute-events-planned-around-final-lp-w497704

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Taylor Swift Groping Trial Day 6: Closing Remarks and Jury Deliberation

August 14th, 2017 · Guitar

UPDATE: After four hours of deliberation, a jury has ruled in favor of Taylor Swift in her countersuit against Denver DJ David Mueller, per CNN. Swift’s mother, Andrea, who was also named in a complaint filed by Mueller, was found not liable for tortious interference.

On Monday, a Denver jury heard closing remarks from both sides in the trial between Taylor Swift and a former Denver radio show host, Robert Mueller. The pop star accused Mueller of sexual assault by grabbing her butt during a pre-concert photo in 2013. 

Mueller, who was fired two days after the alleged incident, originally sued Swift in 2015 for $3 million for wrongful accusations that resulted in his termination. Swift responded by countersuing Mueller for assault and battery, asking for $1. Mueller’s case again Swift was dropped by the judge last Friday. The judge, however, allowed Mueller’s claim that Swift’s mother and manager interfered with his $150,000 a year job contract to go forward. 

Mueller’s attorney Gabriel McFarland addressed the jury first, per CNN, arguing that if his client had grabbed Swift as she claims, her bodyguard would have noticed and acted accordingly. “There is simply no way a professional trained bodyguard would allow a big guy … to grab Ms. Swift and walk away,” McFarland said. 

Mueller is asking the jury to award him $250,050, which is significantly less than the original request for future lost damages that was denied by presiding Judge William J. Martinez. 

Buzzfeed noted that while McFarland spoke, Swift was shaking her head and sighed when he said Mueller was innocent to the jury. When McFarland presented a photo of the pop star to the jury, asking whether hers was a face of a woman who was assaulted, Swift allegedly reached for her mother’s hand and looked teary-eyed. 

Swift’s attorney Douglas Baldridge focused on the fact that, unlike Mueller, his client has no monetary stake in the outcome of the trial. “She has no desire to bankrupt this man,” said Baldridge. “This single dollar that I ask you to award her is of immeasurable value. It means ‘No means no.’” The outcome, Baldridge said (per Buzzfeed), will “tell every women, rich or poor, that no means no.”

Baldridge also emphasized that the events, per Swift’s recollection, are supported by eight witnesses. Baldridge said Mueller had a “s—eating grin” on his face in the photo. “That’s a man that’s very proud in the moment of what he is doing,” said Baldridge. “He lost his job because he grabbed her butt and got caught.”

The jury is deliberating the original claim filed by Mueller against Swift’s mother, Andrea Swift and Swift’s manager, Frank Bell. On Friday, Judge Martinez threw out four of the five claims against the defendants, making it so that Swift was no longer party to the lawsuit filed against her. Swift’s countersuit against Mueller will also be decided.

Article source: http://www.rollingstone.com/music/news/taylor-swift-groping-trial-day-6-closing-remarks-w497576

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Tyler, the Creator Enlists Lana Del Rey, Kid Cudi for Camp Flog Gnaw Fest

August 14th, 2017 · Guitar

Tyler, the Creator recruited Lana Del Rey, Kid Cudi, Solange, A$AP Rocky, 2 Chainz, Vince Staples and Willow Jaden Smith for his sixth annual festival-carnival Camp Flog Gnaw, set for October 28th and 29th at Los Angeles’ Exposition Park.

Kehlani, Migos, the Internet, Lil Yachty, Justice, Earl Sweatshirt, Kelela, Mac Miller, Taco, Domo Genesis, Fidlar and Kelis will also perform at the event, among others.

Tickets go on sale Thursday, August 17th at 3 p.m. ET. General admission weekend passes are $208, with VIP weekend passes at $368. VIP tickets include a dedicated entrance, access to an exclusive VIP clubhouse and special food vendors, a main stage viewing area and a merch package. The festival, which also features carnival games, is also offering a $65 unlimited game day pass. 

The 2016 edition of Camp Flog Gnaw featured headliners Tyler, the Creator, A$AP Rocky, Lil Wayne, Erykah Badu, Chance the Rapper and Schoolboy Q.

Tyler, the Creator released his fourth solo LP, Flower Boy, in July. Del Rey’s latest album, Lust for Life, barely edged out the rapper-producer for that week’s Number One spot on the Billboard 200; in response, he tweeted at the singer, “CONGRATS UNCLE TONY.”

Last month on The Late Show, Tyler, the Creator promoted Flower Boy with a Soul Train-inspired performance of “911.” His new docu-series, Nuts and Bolts, recently premiered on Viceland.

Article source: http://www.rollingstone.com/music/news/tyler-the-creator-enlists-lana-del-rey-kid-cudi-for-camp-flog-gnaw-w497748

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Kesha Opens Up About New ‘Rainbow’ Video in Personal Essay

August 14th, 2017 · Guitar

Kesha has unveiled her new video for “Rainbow,” the title track off her just-released new LP, alongside a personal letter about the song and its video.

“‘Rainbow’ was the first song I wrote for this record. I wanted to call the album Rainbow because after the storm, there’s a rainbow — and recently, I feel like I’ve gone through some things that have felt like a storm in my life. This was my way of telling myself that I was going to make it through,” Kesha wrote for Refinery29.

“When it finally came time to go into the studio and record ‘Rainbow,’ I knew I wanted to do something special. All I had was this piano vocal that I had recorded myself, but I wanted the song to be orchestral in the same way that the Beach Boys’ album, Pet Sounds, is. Luckily my wonderful, kind and very good friend Ben Folds agreed to produce and record the song with me.”

The recording session for the song, with Folds on piano, also became the focus of the “Rainbow” video as Kesha’s brother Lagan Sebert and a crew filmed the “live-to-tape” performance.

“We worked out the arrangement together, and then we rented out the biggest room at Capitol Studios in L.A. — the same room Frank Sinatra recorded in — and brought in an orchestra,” the singer said. “Ben wanted me to feel that I was worthy of commanding such a room with my voice. His belief in me and encouragement over the past few years has really helped me so much in becoming confident in myself and my voice.”

Kesha, who performed “Praying” on The Tonight Show Thursday, added that “Rainbow” is the eighth song on Rainbow as a nod to the eighth song on Pet Sounds “God Only Knows,” “one of the most touching songs ever.”

“‘Rainbow’ was the song that started a new chapter in my life,” Kesha wrote. “Before then, I had made other people’s opinions of me my higher power. ‘Rainbow’ was the beginning of me turning that around and being kind to myself.”

Article source: http://www.rollingstone.com/music/news/kesha-opens-up-about-new-rainbow-video-in-personal-essay-w497261

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Watch Bruno Mars’ Transfixing ‘Versace on the Floor’ Video With Zendaya

August 14th, 2017 · Guitar

Bruno Mars puts Spider-Man: Homecoming star Zendaya under his spell in his transfixing new video for “Versace on the Floor,” the slow jam single off the singer’s 24K Magic.

In the video, Mars and Zendaya play apartment neighbors that give each other flirty glances in the hallway. As Mars sings “Versace on the Floor” in his own purple-lit pad, his music has an quasi-magical effect on Zendaya next door, making her gown unzip telekinetically while she grooves to the 24K Magic single seeping through the wall.

The video ends with Zendaya’s gown literally hitting the floor and a “The End” screen accompanied by a knock on the door.

“Versace on the Floor” follows Mars’ 24K Magic videos for “That’s What I Like” and the title track.

As Mars previously told Rolling Stone, he recorded at least six different versions of “Versace on the Floor,” including a lounge-y “poolside version” and a more “epic” take before settling on the album version. ”We’re painting this picture – both in silk, I’m promising the world. But I’m not singing. This is supposed to be a big ballad on the album, but I’m not giving it to ‘em! If we’re gonna really, dramatically slow things down, I’ve got to be singing some shit,” Mars said. Mars also dropped a David Guetta remix of “Versace on the Floor” in July.

On Saturday, Mars announced that he would donate $1 million from his Detroit-area concert to an organization fighting the Flint water crisis.

Article source: http://www.rollingstone.com/music/news/watch-bruno-mars-versace-on-the-floor-video-with-zendaya-w497470

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