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How to Pick up Guitar Tips for Free

June 13th, 2011 · No Comments · Guitar Tuning

Tired of getting tips on how to learn to play the guitar only to find out it is not free in the end? Some online lessons that come with a fee tend to be very boring and the student will end up dropping the course. Discouragement leads future artists to lose interest and just never want to try again. Well, here are more ways to learn how to play – just follow these ten easy steps.

1. Have jamming sessions with someone who can really play the guitar. It really does not matter what the other musician is playing – it can be drums, saxophone, piano, etc. as long as they are willing to play and learn as well.

2. Listen to other types of music. Don’t just concentrate on one particular type; there is no harm in listening and trying out metal music if the main interest is jazz, etc. This develops your sense of discovery and talent.

3. Take lessons online. There are hundreds of online sites dedicated to developing young artists who provide free guitar instructions. New ideas and tips will help an achiever grow.

4. Use different chords and scales when playing. Experiment by playing the same song in a different key, tempo, etc.

5. When listeners start noticing that the same key and type of music is being played over and over, start learning new styles. A classic piece or a country song is a nice change from the conventional songs.

6. Aside from the guitar, listen to other kinds of musical instruments. It does not necessarily mean listening to them live. Try some pop and listen to a few CDs like Miles Davis’. How about a new classic artist like MAXINE?

7. Record the Music that you listen to. Listen to it again and be a critic of that music before trying to play it. Never concentrate on the mistakes by fretting, use them as guides and try to perfect the piece the next time.

8. Be open to self-challenge. Pick out your most hated music material then study it and try to play it. There is nothing that makes you feel better than being able to play what you thought to be impossible.

9. It is not bad to give yourself a break once in a while. Do not listen to music for a day or two. Try a going to a movie or find a good book to read…
10. Practice, practice, and practice by heart. Practicing new strokes for only about 30 minutes a day will not be sufficient. Practicing for about 2 to 4 hours a day is effective enough.

Anyone wants to learn must always have patience and discipline – that’s what counts. Be creative and learn from your mistakes and have fun while playing.

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