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How To Avoid Distractions During Guitar Practice Time

June 10th, 2011 · No Comments · Guitar Tuning

With everything going on in an average person’s day, it might be difficult to find time to practice your guitar. You might have a job, a family, or school, and things can get hectic.

Unfortunately, you’re not going to progress any quicker as a guitarist if you don’t practice. Check out these quick tips on how to avoid distractions and actually get some work done.

* Pick a peaceful and serene practice area.

If you’re in a place with people talking, cars roaring by, and dogs barking, of course it’s going to be difficult to concentrate. Find somewhere for your guitar practice time that is quiet and away from noises that can be an irritant to you.

* Schedule time for you to practice.

It’s easy to get caught up in the speed of your average life and forget to practice. If you make an effort to schedule your guitar practice time, you’ll find yourself going through with it more often.

* Try to stay clear of people who might be distracting.

We all know those characters that love to talk, laugh, and just be the center of attention. Unfortunately there’s no room for them when you need to get some guitar practice time. It might sound rude, but try to stay clear of these people when you need to get some work done.

* Keep a log of your progress.

Keeping a log of your progress is a great way to view your efforts as an outsider. Read over what you’ve accomplished and you’ll be even more excited to start your next guitar practice session.

* Record your practice sessions.

This is a good way to keep an audio log of how you’ve been progressing as a guitarist. Use a cheap tape recorder and play back your sessions when you’re finished. You’ll be able to tell where you’re excelling, need more work, and it will help to motivate you to keep going!

You can’t underestimate the power of some good solid guitar practice time. Honestly, you can’t expect to get anywhere if you don’t take the time to do the work. With some dedicated practices, you can turn yourself into a great guitarist.

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