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Hotel California Solo Guitar Lesson

December 8th, 2011 · No Comments · Guitar Lessons

The problem is that most that would love to be able to do so are also not interested in what is needed to achieve that.

Hotel California Solo guitar Lesson

What does that mean? For a start, before you can play guitar really fast you must understand your instrument and be able to choose the best strings for yourself. Also choose the best type of guitar pick, even if that is just a thumb pick, or one finger pick. Some players can play phenomenally fast with four finger picks, yet most people will stick with one, or even claim that none are necessary.

All of this is a matter of opinion, so here are some of that factors that will allow you to play fast, irrespective of your genre.


If you learn scales you can play melodic notes that sound good, even if they don’t make a real tune. Many of the so-called great guitar solos (Bohemian Rhapsody, Hotel California, Freebird, Eruption) are no more than pentatonic scales played on various parts of the fretboard. Learn pentatonic scales, and you can play them as fast as you like anywhere on your guitar and they will sound great.


Fingerpicking allows you to play a number of notes in a very short time, and if you can time your picking right you can play at a breathtaking speed. You must learn how to master the upstrokes and downstrokes, and also master alternate picking that can considerably speed up your playing.

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If you practice enough you might be able to achieve the rudiments of sweep picking that takes an awful lot of practice and experience to master. With sweep picking, you use a pick and drag it over three strings or more to play each note individually as part of a tune, or lick. If you string lots of these together you can imagine the apparent speed you can achieve doing that. Kirk Hammett’s “Creeping Death” solo is an ideal example of sweep picking.

String Skipping

If you are to learn to play guitar with blazing speed, you will have to learn how to handle rapid string skipping. Switching your picking between non-adjacent strings takes a lot of practice to perfect with speed, but it can be done, particularly if you keep practicing your minor pentatonic. A good example of string skipping can be heard in Radiohead’s Street Spirit (Fade Out), which shows you the level you have to reach.

Hammer Ons and Pull offs

Hammer ons and pull offs are essentials for anybody that wants to learn to play guitar with speed. It’s difficult to explain these in words, but very simple on video, so if you have found a good online video site that offers guitar teaching and includes these techniques, then you are made.

A hammer on is when you play two notes from one pick, by rapidly hammer your finger onto the next note while the string is still vibrating. A pull of is re-vibrating the string as you pull your finger off it.

You can’t go wrong if you can perfect these, and if you have practiced your scales, as recommended above, you will find it easier to achieve a blazing speed using these techniques. The reason is that most scales have three notes on each string in a given position, and you can hammer on from one to the next and then to the next with sequential hammer ons and corresponding pull offs when descending. Hence the importance of learning your scales!

That’s enough for you to digest for the moment, but it demonstrates two things. First, how important it is that you learn your scales because a lot of fingerpicking and high speed hammer ons and pull offs depend upon the pentatonic scales and moving rapidly between string positions. Secondly, that you definitely need somebody to teach you, whether live or by video.

You can save money by joining an online guitar membership site that can offer you all the tuition you need to enable you to play with blazing and gut-wrenching speed that can only be provided by experts. There are one or two online sites that can offer that service, so start looking and get ready to play guitar with blazing speed.

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