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Free Guitar Lessons For Beginners

January 11th, 2011 · No Comments · Guitar Lessons

I will get to the guitar lessons for beginners”>free guitar lessons for beginners in a moment, but first here is a short story about how I started to learn the guitar. Ah, those were the days!:)

I remember picking up a guitar in school during my first lesson and thinking to myself how was I ever going to learn all this. Learning the guitar is quite a challenge in any circumstance, but when you have to play in front of your school in two weeks, its petrifying!

The song we had to learn seemed simple enough, and just basic chords as the teacher told us, but to me a G and an E were an electrical company, and by no means could I spell it on the guitar.

Anyway to cut a long story short the chords were drilled into us at full bore for the next two weeks, and indeed we played a sucsesfull one song show. We later went on as a band and recorded an album that got to number one in the charts, NOT!


Because the way we were learning the guitar was BORING! In fact after that I put the guitar away for a couple of years, that’s how bad it was!

Eventually I picked up the guitar again and did get myself into a band, we played a few shows together, and I found a deep connection with the guitar that kept me playing then, and for years after.

As a beginner had I been shown fun and exciting ways to learn the guitar, I probably would have got much further than I did, the problem was in the way I started to learn the guitar. It was just a complete mess!

What! Free Lessons?

So I want to share with you some guitar lessons for beginners – step by step learn guitar “>free guitar lessons for beginners that I wished I could have had when I first started. If you really want the best start possible when learning the guitar, then the lessons I will share with you will put you on the right track.

The free lessons are 5 step-by-step guided introductions to learning the guitar the right way, without being so boring they put you to sleep!

guitar lessons now”>Get My Free guitar Lessons For Beginners

If you are hunting around the web for free guitar lessons for beginners then look no more. Who knows you might enjoy them so much you’ll want more and more, get ready to become great on the guitar!

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