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A Brief History of Washburn Acoustic Guitars

January 9th, 2011 · No Comments · Guitar Styles

Washburn guitars has its beginnings near Maxwell Street, Chicagos famed home of the Delta Blues. They have been making various instruments since 1883 and their success had been closely tied with the wide spread popularity of both jazz and blues. The fact that the shop was located so near to this famed area is sort of by accident. At the time, the street had not been recognized yet.

Delta Blues is a form of Blues started by African-Americans who moved there form the Mississippi Delta. They congregated here and started creating music. They would jam and create this rich and cultural style of music together. When the style of blues was first forming, Maxwell Street was simply a convenient place for them all to meet. And, most of the musicians were not concerned with popular music.

As the popularity of Maxwell Street started to spread, so did the Washburn guitars. Others would see that these talented musicians who were pioneering their own style of music had one of these guitars. So, Washburn became associated with Delta Blues by people all over the United States.

But, they are no only known for their association with this style of blues, the also made some lasting innovations. These include their specific tuning system and their Extended Cutaway which has a modification of the standard bold neck guitar construction.

Washburn creates both acoustic and electric guitar models that appeal to a wide variety of players. Jazz, blues, country, and rock musicians alike embrace these instruments. Acoustic guitar styles include the USA Acoustics, the Paul Stanley Acoustics, the Dreadnoughts, the Jumbos, Folk Style, their Classical guitars, and their travel guitars. For more information on the types of acoustic guitars available, check out the Washburn guitars website at washburn.com.

There are also quite a few guitar players who love Washburn guitars. These include Paul Stanley of KISS, who also has his signature acoustic series, Sonny Mayo of Sevendust, Ryan Pierce of Neal McCoy, and Aaron Fink of Breaking Benjamin. There are a lot more, however, so you should visit the website to view the complete list.

Here is what people have to say about their Washburn Acoustic guitars:

About the Washburn D10 Acoustic

The guitar has an ornate quilted maple top. I like the cutaway. It provides access to the upper frets. The tone is Sweet. The action is low and the fretboard is flat. It is easy to play. I have used this guitar on recordings and in performance settings. It always gets comments on the tone, and the finish. I like this guitar.

About the Washburn D10-S

Bang for the buck! This guitar sounds great and costs only a few dollar more than most spruce plywood top guitars. The quality of materials and workmanship is surprisingly good. The tuners are good. It has inlay on the back and around the sound hole. I ca not over emphasize how good this guitar sounds. The solid spruce top makes this $199 guitar a steal. I can see why it has been rated the best guitar under $500.

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