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Review: Tove Lo Continues Dark Lust Saga on ‘Blue Lips’

November 20th, 2017 · Guitar

The sequel to Tove Lo’s raw Lady Wood,
like her stylized longform videos, deals explicitly with derangement – sexual,
emotional, drug-induced. It’d be easy to dismiss as softcore shock-pop if
her songwriting wasn’t so formidable. The nicely-titled “Disco Tits” is
a lustily convincing club single; “Don’t Ask Don’t Tell” and “Struggle”
tunefully unpack messy relationship psychology, E.M. Forster’s “only connect” repurposed for the dancefloor. More problematic is “Bitches,”
an icy banger evidently involving unsafe sex and gynophobic hook-ups. Like much
of Tove Lo’s work, it’s admirably uncensored, but may leave you craving a
shower, however close to home it lands. 

Article source: http://www.rollingstone.com/music/albumreviews/review-tove-los-blue-lips-lady-wood-phase-ii-w512145

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Roger Waters, Brian Eno Criticize Nick Cave for Israel Concerts

November 20th, 2017 · Guitar

Nick Cave is facing backlash from prominent musicians including Roger Waters and Brian Eno for his decision to play two sold-out concerts in Tel Aviv, Israel.

Last month, the “Artists for Palestine” wrote an open letter to Cave, urging him to avoid performing in Israel “while apartheid remains.” Cave responded on Sunday, November 19th – the first night of the back-to-back shows at Menorah Mivtachim Arena – in an unapologetic press conference, claiming he first performed in Israel with his band the Bad Seeds “20 years ago” and instantly felt “a huge connection” that he “couldn’t really describe.”

He also addressed the open letter in his remarks, noting that musicians who perform in Israel are now forced to “go through a sort of public humiliation from Roger Waters and co.” Cave said his Israel performances marked “a principled stand against anyone who tries to censor and silence musicians,” noting that the protests contributed to his decision to play in Israel.

Now Waters and Eno – along with others from the Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions Movement – have criticized Cave’s rationale in numerous statements.

“Nick thinks this is about censorship of his music? What?” Waters wrote. “Nick, with all due respect, your music is irrelevant to this issue. So is mine, so is Brian Eno’s, so is Beethoven’s. This isn’t about music – it’s about human rights.” He added, “We hurl our glasses into the fire of your arrogant unconcern, and smash our bracelets on the rock of your implacable indifference.”

Eno took issue with Cave’s stance about “silencing” artists, calling the claim “rather grating when used in a context where a few million people are permanently and grotesquely silenced.” He continued. “Israel spends hundreds of millions of dollars on hasbara, and its side of the argument gets broadcast loud and clear. Coupled with the scare-tactic of labeling any form of criticism of Israeli policy as ‘antisemitic,’ this makes for a very uneven picture of what is going on.”

Following Cave’s press conference, the Palestinian Campaign for the Academic and Cultural Boycott of Israel – a leading organization in the BDS Movement – slammed the singer’s Tel Aviv shows as a “propaganda gift to Israeli apartheid.”

“We thank Nick Cave for making one thing abundantly clear – playing Tel Aviv is never simply about music,” they wrote. “It is a political and moral decision to stand with the oppressor against the oppressed.”

In July, Radiohead performed their longest concert in 11 years in Tel Aviv, following a series of public, often acerbic exchanges between Waters and the band’s Thom Yorke. 

Article source: http://www.rollingstone.com/music/news/roger-waters-brian-eno-criticize-nick-cave-for-israel-concerts-w512232

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Review: Charlotte Gainsbourg Takes Spacey Trip With Sir Paul, Half of Daft Punk

November 20th, 2017 · Guitar

On her first LP in seven years, singer-actress
Charlotte Gainsbourg (daughter of Sixties French pop star Serge Gainsbourg)
exudes the same droll, distracted sense of uneasy whimsy she’s brought to her
screen performances and previous music projects. Fans of spacey Nineties lounge-pop like Air or Broadcast will drift along happily to pillowy confections such
as “Ring-a-Ring O’Roses” and “Rest,” a collaboration with
Daft Punk’s Guy-Manuel. She also teams up with Sir Paul McCartney for the
inspired No Wave pop of “Songbird in a Cage,” which suggests the
Waitresses produced by Brian Eno. 

Article source: http://www.rollingstone.com/music/albumreviews/review-charlotte-gainsbourgs-rest-w512140

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Kinky Friedman on the Night Bob Dylan, Jack Nicholson Crashed His Wild House Party

November 20th, 2017 · Guitar

Kinky Friedman has performed with Bob Dylan, traveled with Led Zeppelin and partied with John Belushi. When his cocaine habit nearly killed him, he returned to Texas and wrote 30 books, including 18 detective novels and memoirs featuring Willie Nelson and Billy Bob Thornton. More than 547,000 Texans voted for him when he ran for governor in 2006, and bosom buddies Willie Nelson, Jimmy Buffet and Lyle Lovett helped with his fundraisers.

In her new book, Everything’s Bigger in Texas: The Life and Times of Kinky Friedman, biographer Mary Lou Sullivan provides an intimate look at Richard “Kinky” Friedman culled from hours of candid, in-depth interviews with the Kinkster, his friends and his associates – revealing the man behind the legend.

In this exclusive excerpt, we find Friedman and several hundred guests at a star-studded Sunset Boulevard shindig. With a guest list ranging from Bob Dylan and Joni Mitchell to Jack Nicholson, Elliot Gould and Dennis Quaid, Kinky’s recollection of this night frames it best. Simply put, “it was a cool fucking party.”

Before Kinky joined the spring 1976 leg of the Rolling Thunder Revue tour, Bob Dylan invited him to perform at the January 25th benefit concert for boxer Ruben “Hurricane” Carter at the Houston Astrodome. Dubbed Night of the Hurricane II [the first benefit concert was held in Madison Square Garden in December], the line-up included Dylan, Stevie Wonder, Carlos Santana, Stephen Stills, Ringo Starr, Isaac Hayes, Dr. John, Richie Havens and the Rolling Thunder Revue.

Rehearsal for the Astrodome show, held at the S.I.R. soundstage in Hollywood, included Ringo Starr, Dennis Hopper, Santana and members of the Band. Dylan bankrolled a shopping spree at Nudie’s for stage attire for the entire entourage, and provided four-star rehearsal buffets and unlimited room tabs at the Sunset Marquis.

After the rehearsals and buying spree at Nudie’s Rodeo shop, which was rumored to cost $50,000, Dylan flew the entourage to Houston on his chartered plane. Although the exact circumstances of when and how Kinky obtained the Jesus jacket depends on who’s telling the story, Kinky did wear it to the Houston benefit. Kinky’s performance, which included leading a sing along on “Asshole from El Paso,” gave credence to McGuinn’s observation that “he stood out as a character and made an effort to do so.” If his choice of “Asshole from El Paso” wasn’t enough to capture the audience’s attention, his stage attire sealed the deal. A bearded Kinky performed in aviator sunglasses, a sequined sombrero, the Jesus Jacket over his Grand Ole Opry satin menorah shirt and dark blue white-fringed chaps emblazoned with three red stars on a white background.

“Bob bought this gorgeous Jesus coat with Jesus’s head and rainbows and palm trees,” remembers Kinky. “God knows what it’s worth today. He got it from Nudies, wore it for a show or two and then gave it to me. I wore it for a little while, kept it for some years, and eventually the jacket was sold at auction. I told Bob years later that I had hit some hard times and sold the coat. He said, ‘Bad move, bad, bad move.’ It was a bad move.”

Eager to enjoy the lifestyle of a hip and happening artist, Kinky splurged on an apartment in Sunset Tower on Sunset Boulevard. Inviting friends to the fifteen-story art deco hotel, he regaled them with tales of celebrities – Frank Sinatra, John Wayne, Marilyn Monroe – that lived there during Hollywood’s golden era. He also had stories about his new friend Iggy Pop.

With Pop’s lust for life and drugs, and intelligence masked by his wild stage antics, Kinky had found another kindred spirit. “I used to hang out with Iggy Pop at the Sunset Tower and the Sunset Marquis too,” he says. “He was great – a very bright guy. Iggy was extremely talented and a lot of people vampirized his natural style.”

Pop also had a habit of jumping off the balcony of his Sunset Tower apartment and into the swimming pool. When Kinky told Baker about Iggy’s wild antics, he couldn’t resist. The actor’s naked leap from Kinky’s third floor balcony soon became part of the “Tom Baker, Troublemaker” mystique.

Kinky enhanced his own mystique by throwing a Hollywood party with his own star studded guest list.

“Everybody came – Bob Dylan, Joni Mitchell, Jack Nicholson, Elliot Gould and hundreds of people – it was a cool fucking party,” says Kinky. “It was like you died and went to heaven. Everybody you could think of was there – big stars, little stars. About 500 of them all crammed into this room. Bob Dylan played guitar in one room; Jack Nicholson is in the other. People watching Bob sleep on the floor. Everybody, Tom Waits, Art Garfunkel – on and on. I knew them all.

“Dennis Quaid was sleeping on my floor; crashing at my apartment because he’d just gotten to Hollywood and didn’t have a place to live. Randy [Quaid] was around – he was already famous. I played chess every day with Dennis, who was trying to get into commercials.

“Dennis said it was the best party he ever went to in his life. He wanted to meet Elliott Gould so I introduced him. I really liked Elliott but he wouldn’t shake hands with Dennis Quaid – he looked at him like he was a cockroach. It was bad. After that, Elliott’s career went over a cliff. So be very careful about not shaking hands with somebody.”

Chuck Weiss, who had his own cheeky sense of humor, enjoyed his role of gatekeeper.

“Kinky invited the who’s who of Hollywood and had me operate the intercom to see who was buzzed in and who wasn’t,” he says. “I was screwing with a lot of people trying to come in. I’d say who is it – he’d say Elliot Gould. I’d say who? Or Jack Nicholson – I’d say who? I eventually let them in after I screwed with them for a while.

“Joni Mitchell and Bob Dylan ended up in Kinky’s bedroom doing a mini concert. Everybody was reverent and I farted in the middle of one of Joni Mitchell’s songs,” he adds. “It was like they were in church and I farted. The girl I came with got so appalled she never talked to me again. It’s not something I do now, but back then it was my thing – to be as irreverent as I could.”

Dylan Ferrero, who shared Kinky’s apartment, remembers Nicholson and a number of celebrities dropping by and hanging out. “When Randy Quaid was doing The Missouri Breaks with Jack Nicholson, he came in one day and said, ‘I just got off the set,’ and Nicholson said, ‘Another day, another $36,000.’ Danny Hutton was always hanging out at Kinky’s apartment, and Bobby Neuwirth came over drunk one night and threw hamburgers in the pool.”

Although Kinky has no recollection, Ferrero has vivid memories of another celebrity-studded party that almost cost Kinky his life.

“Kinky is such a magnetic personality that one day, he said I bet by tonight I can get this place packed with people,” says Ferrero. “He told about four people in L.A. and the party was packed. Bob Dylan showed up. So did Lowell George, Robbie Robertson, Levon Helm and most of The Band. It was incredible. Kinky did so much blow that night, he was passed out in the bedroom and I thought he was gone. He was that zombied out – it was scary.

“David Cassidy was in the bedroom putting a teaspoon of blow under Kinky’s nose,” remembers Ferrero. “We thought Kinky had ODed on blow and these guys are mixing it with ludes [Quaaludes] or giving him a joint because they thought it would take you out of that. I said you got to get out of here; Kinky doesn’t need that shit. I had my friend Squid stand in front of the door so nobody could get in to give him any more drugs.”

When Kinky came to the next morning, he had no memory of the party or his near-death experience.

“The next day Kinky is pissed off at me because I didn’t introduce Robbie to Lowell George,” says Ferrero. “I told him they met and were playing guitars with each other. Sorry you missed it. Each picked up one of Kinky’s piece of shit guitars and they played together in a corner. Lowell took a beer bottle and played this great slide guitar on blues songs. It was amazing. Levon came over to listen but there were about 100 people roaming around the apartment stoned, not even noticing it.”

Article source: http://www.rollingstone.com/music/features/new-kinky-friedman-book-a-wild-party-with-bob-dylan-w511746

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Watch Radiohead’s Phil Selway Join Ringo Starr for Beatles Classic

November 20th, 2017 · Guitar

Radiohead drummer Phil Selway joined Ringo Starr and the All Starr Band for a performance of the Beatles‘ classic “With a Little Help From My Friends” at the Beacon Theater in New York City Wednesday.

Selway struck a characteristically stoic pose behind the kit, his steady playing style a sharp contrast to the flash of All Starr Band drummer Gregg Bissonette. Still, the pair played in perfect tandem, providing an extra thump to the song’s marching beat as Starr crooned the Sgt. Pepper’s classic. While Starr ran off towards the end of the song, he quickly returned as Selway and the All Starr Band segued into a rendition of “Give Peace a Chance.”

Starr released his 19th solo album, Give More Love, in September. The former Beatle will wrap up his North American trek in support of the record tonight, November 16th, at the New Jersey Performing Arts Center in Newark.

As for Selway, the drummer recently released his latest solo project, the soundtrack for the film Let Me Go, Polly Steele’s adaptation of Helga Schneider’s World War II memoir of the same name. Radiohead released their most recent album, A Moon Shaped Pool, in 2016.

Article source: http://www.rollingstone.com/music/news/radioheads-phil-selway-joins-ringo-starr-for-beatles-classic-w512038

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See Green Day’s ‘They Live’-Inspired ‘Back in the USA’ Video

November 20th, 2017 · Guitar

Green Day pay homage to John Carpenter’s sci-fi classic They Live in the band’s new video for “Back in the USA,” one of two new tracks on their just-released greatest hits collection God’s Favorite Band.

The video opens with Billie Joe Armstrong living a sterilized, black-and-white Fifties sitcom existence until a woman shows up at his house with a pair of sunglasses that allows him to both see colors and, like Carpenter’s 1988 film, subliminal messaging.

When Armstrong puts on his sunglasses, for example, he sees messages like “Consume,” “Procreate Now” and, on television, “President to Lie to Nation Tomorrow Night.” After recruiting the rest of Green Day, the band sets out to alert the nation by putting the sunglasses over the lens of the camera that’s about to be film the president’s speech, exposing the president – who bears a strong resemblance to Donald Trump – as an alien. Green Day then take over the stage to perform the new song.

In a nod to the film Pleasantville, once the alien plot is exposed and Green Day is heard, colors spread throughout the black-and-white world, modernizing the society and breaking it out of its social moors.

God’s Favorite Band, Green Day’s first best-of compilation since 2001′s International Superhits, boasts 20 of the band’s biggest hits alongside two new songs: “Back in the USA” and a new version of Billie Joe Armstrong’s solo cut-turned-Revolution Radio closer “Ordinary World” featuring guest Miranda Lambert.

Green Day’s Dookie recently finished atop Rolling Stone‘s 50 Greatest Pop-Punk Albums list.

Article source: http://www.rollingstone.com/music/news/see-green-days-they-live-inspired-back-in-the-usa-video-w512075

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Hear U2, Kendrick Lamar on Jagged New Song ‘American Soul’

November 19th, 2017 · Guitar

Kendrick Lamar makes a brief appearance on U2‘s “American Soul,” a buzzing, distorted new Songs of Experience cut that the rock band shared on Friday. 

The Edge’s guitar defines “American Soul,” pushing the song forward in spiky, barbed steps. Bono initially keeps his verses and hook short and punchy, returning to the shout-along refrain, “you are rock and roll.” But during a lengthy, digressive bridge, he forges a connection between the musical and the political: “Let it be unity/ Let it be community/ For refugees like you and me/ A country to receive us/ Will you be our sanctuary?”

Anyone who listened to Lamar’s Damn. album will be familiar with snippets of Bono’s lyrics from “American Soul.” His line, “It’s not a place, this country is to me a sound of drum and bass, you close your eyes to look around,” also appeared on the Damn. track “XXX.” Lamar’s contribution to U2′s latest comes in the form of an opening benediction: “Blessed are the bullies, for one day they will have to stand up to themselves,” he says. “Blessed are the liars, for the truth can be awkward.” The rapper previously appeared on U2′s new song “Get Out of Your Own Way.”

“American Soul” will appear on Songs of Experience when it’s released December 1st. U2 worked with a number of different producers on the album: Jacknife Lee, Ryan Tedder, Steve Lillywhite, Andy Barlow and Jolyon Thomas. “Since The Joshua Tree, I don’t think we’ve done an album with less than four producers,” Bono told Rolling Stone. “Four producers seems to be the way for us, one for each member of the band. By the way, that’s a joke. I think actually there’s five on this one.”

Article source: http://www.rollingstone.com/music/news/hear-u2-kendrick-lamar-on-jagged-new-song-american-soul-w512072

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Watch Eminem Deliver Three-Song Medley on ‘SNL’

November 19th, 2017 · Guitar

Eminem delivered a nine-minute, three-song medley during his Saturday Night Live musical guest spot, performing new single “Walk on Water,” “Stan” and “Love the Way You Lie.”

On all three tracks, singer Skyler Grey filled in for each track’s respective guest – Beyoncé, Dido and Rihanna – while also playing piano for “Walk on Water.” Eminem and Grey were also backed by a string section and band.

Following the full rendition of “Walk on Water” – which closes with the lyrics “I’m godlike / Me and you are not alike / Bitch, I wrote ‘Stan’” – the rapper segued into that Marshall Mathers LP hit before closing out the medley with a few verses from “Love the Way You Lie.” Both “Walk on Water” and “Love the Way You Lie” were co-written by Grey.

Bypassing the usual two-segment SNL musical guest format, the medley served as Eminem’s entire performance on the Chance the Rapper-hosted episode.

Eminem and Grey previously debuted the live “Walk on Water” at the MTV European Music Awards. The single is expected to appear on Eminem’s upcoming album, rumored to be titled Revival.

Article source: http://www.rollingstone.com/music/news/watch-eminem-deliver-three-song-medley-on-snl-w512169

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See Foo Fighters, Guns N’ Roses’ Live Tributes to AC/DC’s Malcolm Young

November 19th, 2017 · Guitar

Both Foo Fighters and Guns N’ Roses paid tribute to late AC/DC guitarist Malcolm Young during their respective concerts Saturday night, hours after Young died at the age of 64 following a three-year battle with dementia.

Foo Fighters, who have routinely performed AC/DC ‘s “Let There Be Rock” during the encore of their Concrete and Gold Tour, opened their Saturday gig at Mexico’s Corona Capitol Festival with the 1977 song.

“We’re going to play some rock and roll for Malcolm tonight,” Dave Grohl told the audience as a photo of Young was shown behind Foo Fighters on the festival’s large video screen.

Earlier in the day in a written tribute to Young, Grohl said that AC/DC’s 1980 concert film Let There Be Rock “changed my life.”

“That film, a live AC/DC performance from Paris, 1979, is everything that live and roll should be. Sweaty. Loose. Loud. A relentless performance from the perfect band. It was the first time I lost control to music. The first time I wanted to be in a band. I didn’t want to play my guitar anymore, I wanted to smash it,” Grohl wrote. “Thank you, Malcolm, for the songs, and the feel, and the cool, and the years of losing control to your rock and roll. I will do just that tonight, for you.”

Guns N’ Roses similarly staged a tribute to Malcolm Young during their Sacramento, California concert Saturday. Although Axl Rose didn’t perform alongside Malcolm during his guest stint in AC/DC, the singer remains close to Malcolm’s younger brother Angus Young.

“We’re gonna dedicate this to Malcolm Young, who will be sorely missed. By none more than his brother Angus,” Rose told the crowd as Slash played a solo rendition of Alice Cooper’s “Only Women Bleed.”

Guns N’ Roses then dedicated their covers of both Bob Dylan’s “Knockin’ on Heaven’s Door” and AC/DC’s “Whole Lotta Rosie” to the late guitarist.

In a statement to Rolling Stone, Slash said of Malcolm Young, “Malcolm Young was one of the best ever rhythm guitarists in Rock n Roll. He was a fantastic songwriter and he had a great work ethic too. I toured with AC/DC on their ‘Stiff Upper Lip’ tour. I found Malcolm to be a really cool, down to earth fellow. The entire rock n roll community is heartbroken by his passing.”

Article source: http://www.rollingstone.com/music/news/see-foo-fighters-guns-n-roses-tributes-to-malcolm-young-w512172

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Jay-Z Pens Meek Mill Op-Ed Highlighting ‘Trap’ of Probation

November 19th, 2017 · Guitar

Jay-Z penned a New York Times op-ed to ramp up his criticism of the criminal justice system on Friday after a judge sentenced the rapper Meek Mill to two to four years in prison for violating probation.

“It’s time we highlight the random ways people trapped in the criminal justice system are punished every day,” Jay-Z writes. “The system treats them as a danger to society, consistently monitors and follows them for any minor infraction – with the goal of putting them back in prison.”

A Philadelphia judge sentenced Mill on November 6th, ignoring advice from a prosecutor and probation officer who were not in favor of sending the rapper back to jail. “Probation ends up being a land mine, with a random misstep bringing consequences greater than the crime,” Jay-Z writes. “In March, [Mill] was arrested after an altercation in a St. Louis airport. After video of what had actually happened was released, all charges were dropped … In August, he was arrested for popping a wheelie on a motorcycle on his video set in New York. Those charges were dismissed after he agreed to attend traffic school … The charges were either dropped or dismissed, but the judge sent him to prison anyway.”

Jay-Z points out that this is not an isolated incident. “What’s happening to Meek Mill is just one example of how our criminal justice system entraps and harasses hundreds of thousands of black people every day,” he writes. “Black people are sent to prison for probation and parole violations at much higher rates than white people … Probation is a trap and we must fight for Meek and everyone else unjustly sent to prison.”

Mill’s unjust sentencing has already moved Jay-Z to denounce the probation system multiple times. He initially condemned the court’s decision via a Facebook post earlier this month. “The sentence handed down by the Judge – against the recommendation of the Assistant District Attorney and Probation Officer – is unjust and heavy-handed,” he wrote.

He addressed the sentencing again during a concert in Dallas. “Everyone has to be just as outraged,” he told the crowd. “You can’t look at it as a black or white issue, you have to look at it as a human issue.”

Article source: http://www.rollingstone.com/music/news/jay-z-pens-meek-mill-op-ed-highlighting-trap-of-probation-w512073

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